The Top Deals Widget on the Performance Dashboard

Top Deals Widget Overview

We’re glad you decided to try out the Performance Dashboard!  Please check out our Performance Dashboard Overview Article to answer your general questions about this feature.

Let’s explore the reporting capabilities of the Top Deals Widget.  Add this widget to keep track of the activity on your most important Deals. Give your Top Deals the attention they deserve by adding them to the top of your Dashboard so this report is the first thing you see when you log in. Let’s get started!

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Add the Top Deals Widget:

Click the ‘+ widget’ icon and add the Top Deals Widget to your Dashboard. You will be presented with the Deals that appear first on your Top Deals Smart List.  

Note. We create a Top Deals Smart List automatically, once you add this widget to your Dashboard. The Smart List is sorted by highest Deal Value. This widget will update in real time as you rearrange and filter your Smart List so that your most important Deals are given the attention they deserve!


Customize Your Report:

  • Choose whether you want to view your ‘Top Deals from this Smart List’ or a ‘Summary of this Smart List’ by clicking on the icons on the top right corner.   
  • Enlarge this widget to increase how many of your Top Deals are displayed.  
  • Click on any of the Deals to be directed to the associated Deal Card where you can quickly see the current activity and make any updates or edits to the Deal. Please visit our Deal Smart List Support Article for some tips and best practices!


Save Your Report:

Click ‘Save’ on your Top Deals Smart List and go back to your Dashboard.  This report is like all other Smart Lists you create in your account and can always be found in your Smart List Working Center.  

Note. If you delete the widget from your Dashboard it will not be deleted from your Smart List Working Center. 



Examples of the Top Deals Dashboard

Our thought when creating this widget for the Dashboard was to step back and give customers the ability to decide what makes a Deal most important to them.  So don’t let us tell you how to pick your Top Deals! Add as many fields as you would like and filter them in meaningful ways to your business.

For your reference, some users have added the field ‘Est Close Date’ because they prioritize working on Deals that are predicted to close soon.  Others may add the field ‘Win Likelihood’ because they want to put most of their effort into a Deal with the highest chance of closing. Or maybe you only want to add the field ‘Value’ because your Top Deals are strictly the ones worth the most.  



  1. Which Deals are my Top Deals?

    By default, we will sort your Top Deals by Deal Value, but we do not want to decide which Deals are more important to you than others. You have the flexibility to arrange and filter your Top Deals Smart List so that this report presents the Deals that mean the most to you. 

  2. How do I save my changes for this widget?

    The report will show exactly the Deals listed on your Top Deals Smart List. Just make sure you save your Smart List, once you edit it. Additionally, if you delete the Top Deals Widget from your Dashboard, your Top Deals Smart List will still exist in your Smart List Working Center.

  3. How do I filter this report?

    First, click on the widget to enter your Smart List. This report is filtered the same way you would filter a Smart List.  Please visit our Support Article on Smart Lists to further explore you filtering capabilities. 

If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976-9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!