Performance Dashboard Overview


Introducing the Performance Dashboard

Welcome to the Performance Dashboard! Learn how to create a customized Dashboard to get a summary of your most valued reports and insights. 

Discover what insights we have available and learn how to build your Performance Dashboard to see what you care about most every time you log in.  

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Available Insights

We spoke with many customers to develop the top 9 performance insights every Sales Manager and Sales Representative should access daily.  Before you jump into using the Performance Dashboard, the 9 reporting widgets we have available are listed below!   


1. The Revenue Widget allows you to gain insight as to how much revenue is coming in from your won deals.

2. The Forecast Widget allows you to see your predicted forecast for a specified future time period. 

3. The New Deals Widget shows you how many new Deals have entered your Deal Pipeline during a designated time period.

4. The Top Deals Widget illustrates the latest activity on your most important Deals.

5. The Pipeline Coverage Widget helps you visualize if you have enough Pipeline coverage to meet your Revenue Goals.

6. The Revenue Goal Attainment Widget will allow you to stay on track and hit your Revenue Goals.  

7. The My Smart List Widget populates your top Smart Lists and details your latest Smart List activity.

8. The Tasks Widget lists the Tasks you need to complete to provide important and relevant reminders.  

9. The Appointments Widget lists your upcoming Calendar appointments to help you manage your schedule.


We are very excited about these 9 widgets, but if there are any particular insights that are not available, please do not hesitate to let us know!  We are continually looking for feedback as we roll out the new editions of this Dashboard.


Access your Activity Feed

Click on the "Activity Feed" tab to display recent types of activity in the account and filter this feed to see only relevant activity for a specific user, Team, or Group. 



Access Your Performance Dashboard

Now that you have gained some insights on the available features of your Dashboard, let's access it for the first time! The first time you access the Dashboard you will be presented with preset widgets. Please note that any changes you make will be saved going forward. We will automatically remember the arrangement of your Dashboard. 


One Customized Dashboard per User:

Previously, all users saw the exact same screen when they logged in to their account. Now, we encourage each person to customize their Dashboard so that it is relevant to you and your specific role within your business.  Each user on the account has their own personal Dashboard. Your changes are reflected only in your personal account and will not affect the Dashboards of your team members.

We realize that some account managers may have liked the consistency of our previous Dashboard.  If this is the case for you, please reach out to our Support Team!  We would be happy to have our Developers copy your Admin’s specific Dashboard to all other users on the account so that they are presented with the same Dashboard.

If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976-9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!


Manage Your Performance Dashboard

This Dashboard was released so that you can personalize your Dashboard and view relevant information. We will not take it personally if you remove any of the reports that are not relevant to you! In fact, please let us know which reports you find helpful, and just as importantly, which reports are not.  

Let’s now quickly discuss how to Manage My Dashboard and how to Manage My Data.

Manage My Dashboard:

  • Add: Click the ‘+ Widget’ icon to add any of the 9 customized reports.  The pop-up window displays the available options. Selecting the widget will add it to the bottom of your Dashboard.  
  • Delete: Hover your cursor over your undesired widget and a trashcan icon will appear.  You can click this icon and select ‘Remove’ to have the widget deleted from your screen.
  • Arrange: We are excited that our customers can arrange their information so that the most relevant information is presented first!  Feel free to drag and drop the widget to the top of your screen, or next to your preferred set of reports.
  • Enlarge: When you first add a widget to your Dashboard it will be added at our standard size.  Hover your cursor over the widget and a black arrow will appear in the bottom right corner of the widget.  Click and drag that arrow to increase the size of the widget to view more relevant information on a report.  You can decrease the size of a widget in a similar fashion.
  • Edit: Click into the widget and it will expand to fill the page.  Now you can select filters and date ranges to create your desired report! Let’s explore this further below.  


Manage My Data:

There are three different ways to manage your data to create specific and meaningful reports for your Dashboard.  

  • Timeframe: Customize your report by selecting a timeframe to see the exact information you are looking for. You can choose from our pre-defined timeframe options such as ‘This Week’ or ‘This Quarter.’
  • Group By: Narrow your search to create a specific report using the two ‘Group By’ fields. Select an option from the first drop-down menu, ‘Group By’ and further slice your data using the second drop-down menu, ‘Group also by’.  You can add additional timeframes and pull in Custom Fields you created, or our pre-defined fields!
    • For example, you can analyze your revenue from ‘This year’ broken down ‘by owner’ and further broken down ‘by week’.
  • Filters: Click on the funnel icon to view additional filters you can add to your report! This feature behaves the same way as filters on Smart Lists - it narrows down your set of presented data. Click on your desired filter, which includes our pre-built fields as well as your created Custom Fields.



  1. Do I have to ‘Save’ my Dashboard?

    Nope! No need to worry about saving the changes you make to your new Dashboard. Any changes you make to this screen will then be saved automatically! There is no ‘Save’ button to click, we will automatically remember the widgets you set on your Dashboard, as well as the designated time period and filters you selected.

  2. Does my Admin need to give me permission to try the Dashboard?

    You do not need an Admin’s permission to access the Dashboard!  Any user has the ability to select the Dashboard and begin customizing. Your Dashboard changes are reflected in your personal account only and will not change the Dashboards of the other users within the account. 

  3. Will the Dashboard allow users more access to data I wish to keep confidential as an Admin and Manager on the account?

    Please be assured that this Dashboard will still adhere to your Permission Settings and User Management Settings. If a user has the most restricted Settings and can only view their own data, these Settings will hold for the Dashboard as well. No need to worry about users gaining access to information beyond their permission settings!

  4. How many widgets can I add to my Dashboard?

    You can add as many widgets as you want to your Dashboard! You can even add the same widget more than once. 

  5. Can I share my Dashboard as a template to other users on the account?

    Not just yet! If you would like to copy your Dashboard for other users, please reach out to our Support Team to have our Developers copy your Admin’s specific Dashboard to all other users on the account.

  6. Are there any Widgets available to some users, but not others

    No, all users have the same access to all widgets regardless of permissions. The only reason you may not have access to a specific report is if you are on a lower plan. 

  7. I have additional questions about the Performance Dashboard.

    Please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976
    -9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!