The Forecast Widget on the Performance Dashboard


We’re glad you have decided to try out the Performance Dashboard!  Please check out our Performance Dashboard Overview Article to answer your general questions about this feature.

Note: This Widget is only available on our Professional, Enterprise, and Elite Plans.

Let’s explore the reporting capabilities of the Forecast Widget. We suggest adding this widget if you are interested in learning about your predicted forecast for a specified future time period. The Forecast Report is a great visual to gain insights into the success of you and your sales team and to further understand if you are on track to meet your goals.  Let’s get started!

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Helpful Dashboard Insights

Add the Forecast Widget:

Click on ‘+ widget’ icon to add the Forecast Widget.  The default timeframe presented will a visual display of your team’s Forecast for This Month.  You will see three calculated values of your ‘Goal,’ your ‘Pending Forecast,’ and your ‘Revenue.’  These values will update in near real time as your team continues to add Deals and move them through your Pipeline!


Customize Your Report:

Click into the Forecast Widget to further filter and customize this report. You’ll need to determine how you’d like to view your forecast breakdown. 

  1. Choose a Timeframe (required): Tell us what timeframe you want this forecast breakdown to capture. Are you interested in 'This Year' or 'This Quarter' or 'Last Month?'
  2. Group By: Select how to further slice your data.  For example, view monthly forecast by ‘Owner’
  3. Filter (optional): Click the Filters button to further narrow the data included in your report.  For example, filter by a specific team or deal owner. 
  4. Save (required): Click ‘Save’ to update the widget on your Dashboard. Now you can go back to your Dashboard. Read more on managing your Dashboard in the Performance Dashboard Overview Article


Understanding Your Report:

Let’s break down these calculated values a little further.  

  • Goal: The black line you see on the graph helps you visualize how close you are to hitting your Revenue Goal.  Your Admin on the account can navigate to their ‘Goal Settings’ to set individual goals.
  • Pending Forecast: Pending forecast will be calculated as long as you fill out your Estimated Close Date, Win Likelihood percentage, and Deal Value for your Deals. This value will help you visualize how much deal value is expected to close and when. Click here to make sure your team enters Est. Close Date values.
  • Revenue: Your Revenue is calculated based on the total value of all your won Deals within a specified timeframe.  Click here to learn more about your Deal Revenue.
  • Total Forecasted Revenue: The Total Forecasted Revenue is the sum of your current earned Revenue and your Pending Forecast. This value gives you an even clearer picture of how close you are to achieving your goals based on Deals you expect to close in the near future.


Examples of the Forecast Dashboard

Let’s say you are your team’s Manager and you are interested in seeing which Sales Rep are predicted to meet their goal for this quarter of this year. You can select a timeframe of ‘This Year’ and then select to group by ‘Owner’ and then break your forecast report down even further and group also by ‘Quarter.’ This arrangement will result in the bar graph below, clearly demonstrating the predicted revenue of each Sales Rep relative to their goal.  


Perhaps you are a Sales Rep interested in keeping track of your own generated revenue and making sure you stay on target relative to your other team members.  You can create a report with a timeframe of ‘This Quarter’ and group by ‘Owner’ to generate a report of all the Sales Reps’ forecast so far. Additionally, if you are interested in how you are performing relative to a specific member of your team, you can click on the Filters button and select specific Owner.

In the example below, you can see that our Sales Rep, Anna, can clearly see how she is performing relative to her other team members this quarter!  This gives Anna the ability to see reports that are relevant to her every time she logs into her account.




  1. My Forecast Report is not generating correctly?

    If you are missing the goal line in the graph, please be sure your team has set up individual goals in your ‘Goal Settings’. We will still show Revenue and Pending Forecasts for all users that have Deals with Est. Close Dates.
  2. How is the Forecast Report calculated?

    Goal is a sum of all individual Revenue Goals that you can set in Goal Settings.
    Pending Forecast is a sum of Deal Value x Win Likelihood, for all active deals with Estimated Close Date set to a specified timeframe
    Revenue is a total value of all your won Deals within a specified timeframe. Click here to learn more about your Deal Revenue.
    Total Forecasted Revenue = Revenue + Pending Forecast


If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976-9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!