Configuring Fields in the Zendesk Support-Sell Integration

Please check out our Zendesk Integration - Sell App in Support Article to answer your general questions about this feature and how to set up the initial integration. Otherwise, let's explore how you can further configure this integration!

Zendesk Support Steps

Please note that you will need to be a Support Admin to complete the following steps in your Zendesk Support Account. As a support admin, you can configure the Sell App to show more relevant sales information to your support agents and let them have even better customer conversations using data from Sell.

1. As a support admin you can find a link to configure the fields at the bottom of the Sell App.

Note that the link will tell you if the fields you are looking at are related to Sell leads, people or companies.

On the screenshot below the link tells "Configure Lead Fields" as Rick Sanchez is a lead in Sell. Click the link to start the configuration.

2. Next, select either Leads, People (Contacts), or Company (Contacts) to begin the configuration.

Please note that there are 3 different steps in this configuration process because you most likely have different Custom Fields for your respective Leads, People Contacts, and Company Contacts.

Hover on each section to preview what sales information will be relevant for your Support Team to see!



Let’s start by configuring fields on the Leads example. Once you click "Edit" you can search for relevant sales information from available Lead fields.

Click and Drag your preferred sales information from the available fields to the place of interest on the widget. Next, you can organize the fields to appear in your preferred order, and remove any unnecessary fields.

Finally, you can review how the information will be presented in Zendesk Support. We are using example data, so you can immediately see what your support agents will see on each ticket.


Final Steps

Now you are ready to publish the Leads widget. Once you click Publish, your agents will see the Zendesk Sell information in the order you selected.

Please follow the same steps above to complete the configuration for the People and Companies Field Configuration.


Check the Tickets

After finishing configuration, it’s time to see the final integration for yourself. Navigate to the ticket of a requester that you know is already a lead, contact or company in Sell.

Well done!


Who will see the new fields and when?

Once you configure the fields to show, all your agents will see relevant information immediately.

I'm looking at the ticket and can't see the information that I've just configured. Why?

1. If you can't see any sales information about the ticket requester, it means we couldn't match it to any lead, contact or company information in Sell.

2. If you already see some sales information on the widget, but you can't find a specific configured field on the widget, it is possible that this field is not filled in Sell. Click on the lead, contact or company to double-check it in Sell. 

3. It is also possible that you've configured fields for e.g. leads in Sell, but still haven't configured fields for contacts or companies. Make sure you've configured fields for all leads, contacts, and companies.