Batch Data Management: Update via CSV Import

If you're trying to import new data into your Zendesk Sell account, please visit our help guide detailing How to Import Leads and Contacts with a CSV file. However, if you're trying to update existing data in your account, please continue reading to better understand how to perform batch updates to existing Leads, Contacts, or Deals with your CSV file.


Previously, an Admin on your account would configure their Duplicate Management Settings to control for duplicates in your account. When you updated your data through the importer, we would scan for existing Leads and Contacts based on these settings.

Going forward, you can use the CSV import option to batch update your existing Leads, Companies (contacts), People (contacts), and Deals in Sell.  Every record in your account has a unique ID that will identify an existing Lead, Contact, or Deal in your account, and update the specific record.


How to Import: 

1. Unique Sell Identifier:  Every Lead, Contact, and Deal has a unique identifier called a Lead, Contact, or Deal ID.  To import your data you will need a column listing the unique identifier of each record.

2. Zendesk Sell Smart List: The simplest way to obtain the IDs is to use our Working List export option. You should create a Smart List of your Leads, Contacts or Deals in Zendesk Sell.  When you export this file, it will automatically include the IDs of each record.

3. Filter and Export: Next, filter the data to include only the information you want to update.  You can add all the fields you need to edit in the Filter's section and then Export the Smart List. Your file will automatically include the IDs in the second column, as well as any additional fields you added. 


4. Edit your CSV File: Please note that this step occurs outside of your Zendesk Sell Account. Firstdownload and open the exported CSV file in any CSV editing software (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc). You can then edit the columns containing the data you wanted to update. Feel free to add new columns of information that can be imported as new Custom Fields during the import process.

5. Import into Zendesk Sell: Once you updated your file, save it as a CSV file and log into Zendesk Sell.  Navigate to your 'Settings' → select 'Import.'

6. Reimport Updated Data: On the first screen, select the second option to 'Reimport Updated Data.'


7. Choose Records: On the next screen, select what records you are updating (Leads, People Contacts, Company Contacts, or Deals) and upload your file.

8. Map Data: The next screen allows you to map the fields in your file. Please be sure you map at least one column as 'Lead/Contact/Deal ID' (if you exported a Smart List, it will be the second column). Apart from that, map all of the fields that you want to update to their Zendesk Sell Fields. You have a few choices for each column from file:

  1. Standard Field: You can map it as one of the standard lead/person/company/deal fields
  2. Existing Custom Field: You can map it as one of the existing Custom Fields
  3. New Custom Field: You can create a new Custom Field and map the entire column to that field
  4. Tag: You can map a column as a Tag that will be added to that record
  5. Note: You can map it as a Note that will be added to that record


9. Review Import: You will be asked to review your data mapping and verify that your fields are correct. We will use the Sell ID to update the records with the data from the columns in your file.

NOTE: It is critical to be sure your selections are correct because the process is


10. Update: Once you checked the mapping, click "Update" and the process will begin.

11. Notification: You will receive an in-app notification once the update is complete and you can click to see the updated records. Click on the 'Bell' icon to view your Notification Center and see your successful update!





Q: Why do I have to split People and Company Contacts in the update and how to get a file that contains only Companies/People?

A: The reason is that both standard fields and custom fields can be different in your Sell account for People and Companies. To create a file with only People or Company Contacts, simply go to your Contact 'Working List' and click on the "Contact" filter icon to select either 'Person' or 'Company.'


Please note that if you are exporting a list of Company Contacts only, the exported CSV file will fill the Contact ID column instead of the Company ID column.