Whitelist IP Addresses

We are happy to give your team more control and visibility into the IP Addresses used for your email integration. Please read below to better understand your ability to whitelist specific IP Addresses.


1. What was the old process? 

2. What has changed? 

3. What should you do? 

What was the old process? 

Before we had fixed IP Addresses, we used a wide range of IP Addresses for Zendesk Sell's email integration. Many accounts wished to control the IP addresses that send emails from Sell and need to be aware of exactly which IP Addresses are being used.  In the past, that kind of control was not easy due to infrastructure and application limitations.

What has changed?

We now have provided a fixed range of outgoing IP addresses for your email integration so that you can whitelist these IP Addresses. We are happy to publicly publish our IP range to help you increase the security of your email integration.  Every email that a user sends out of Sell is sent from our official IP range of:
This means a range of 128 different IP addresses,
starting from, up to

All of these IP addresses should be whitelisted to ensure that the email integration of Sell and your mailbox is uninterrupted.

What should you do? 

This process will vary based on your email server or the firewall you have in place.  Please make your team aware of the IP address range that Zendesk Sell will utilize to send your outgoing emails.  This information should allow your team to have control and visibility to keep your email conversations secure.


Can I do whitelist in my Zendesk Sell account?

Whitelisting your email address is something that is not updated in your Zendesk Sell Account.  Please reach out to your Email Service Provider or your Tech Team to complete this process.

What email servers can whitelist IP Addresses?

Many Exchange and custom email servers should have the option to whitelist IP Addresses.  Additionally, many email providers that allow you to have a web-based or cloud-based email server with custom settings, should have this ability.

Finally, if you have a firewall in place, please feel free to inform your team of the IP Address range above that they can whitelist.

Can I whitelist incoming IP Addresses?

No, not at this time. 

What Plan do I need to be on to have this ability?

All customers, regardless of Plan, can whitelist IP Addresses!