Contact tags are still showing up in my dropdown filter, after they have been removed.


After removing a Contact tag, I am still seeing this tag in my Smart List filter for Contacts. How do I remove this tag?


Tags for Leads and Deals are fairly simple, as there is only one classification for both. However, Contacts can be a little more complicated as they are divided into three Categories: ContactsProspects, and Customers

All contacts on your account.

When you start a deal with a Person Contact or Company Contact, they are automatically converted into a Current Prospect and remain such unless they’re removed from the Deal or the Deal is closed. 

A Current Prospect will automatically become a Lost Prospect if the Deal attached to it is moved to Lost or Unqualified. It will remain a Lost Prospect until you open a new deal with them.

When you move the Deal through your pipeline and mark it as Won, the Contact attached to it is automatically marked as a Current Customer and will remain a Current Customer unless they’re manually marked as a Past Customer.

If you haven't worked with a Customer for a while (or if you had deals with them before you signed up for Sell), but want to renew your relationship, you might want to mark them as a Past Customer. This lets you filter and work separately with either Current or Past Customers, depending on which group you want to concentrate on. Past Customer status can only be selected manually.

Because of these qualifications, tags are also inherited from a Contact to a Prospect or Customer, and thus are separated this way as well. Therefore, if you have removed certain tags from your Contact settings, you might still see those tags in your Prospect and Customer settings as well. You can view those settings at: 

You can verify that the duplicate tags have been removed there as well, so that they are no longer seen in the Contacts filter.