Porting a number for Zendesk Sell Voice

We can port an existing number that you are using to Zendesk Sell Voice, however, please be aware that we do not currently support voicemail or call waiting in Sell Voice, as it is a simple call in and call out number. If this is something you would still like to proceed with, we require some information from you about your current number and your provider.

Before initiating a port request with us, please keep the following in mind:

  • We can port most US and Canada phone numbers. Outside of those countries, porting is handled on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed -- but our team is happy to work with our partner to attempt porting any number that Sell Voice currently supports. Just send us the requested information below and we will see what we can do!
  • Ports for US and Canada numbers can take between 1-4 weeks. Other numbers can take 6 or more weeks, its always a good idea to check with Twilio for the specific porting timeline. During the process, your number may be unusable until the porting concludes.
  • Once a porting date is set by Twilio, changing it can be difficult and cause potential issues -- please do not initiate ports until you are ready to do so.
  • Notify your current carrier to NOT disconnect the number until you’ve given the OK to do so.

When you are ready to port your number, send an email to with the following information:

  • The Phone number(s) that you would like to port
  • The carrier(s) for the numbers
  • Does the carrier use Twilio?
  • The country for the phone number
  • Your most recent billing statement for the number
  • Your planned go-live date for Sell Voice
    • We recommend not initiating the port until your go-live date to prevent porting early -- but can, at your request, initiate before that.
    • Although you can request a go-live date. it's possible that your number could be ported in before this date.
  • If the port should not happen until after a specific date
    • Note that we cannot choose a day and time for the port to happen, but can often have a “Do not port until X date set”
  • If you are porting a US-based number, include this Twilio Letter of Authorization form.
    • If you are porting from a different country, our team will reach out to you for any additional forms we may need
  • If you are moving a number from another Twilio-based carrier and have your Twilio SID from the current carrier, please also include that.
  • If the number to be ported is a cellphone number, you'll need to submit your account details and PIN number in the porting request

After you submit

We will keep you up to date throughout the porting process. We may reach out to you to obtain additional documentation or information if specific countries have different requirements. If at any point in the process you have questions, please let us know.

Porting a number out of Sell Voice

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

If you want to move your Sell Voice number to another carrier for any reason, email us at with the number you want to move. We’ll send you a few docs to complete your request.