Insert Images to Your Email

In our "How Can I Customize my Email Signature Settings" article, we cover how to add an image to your email signature that will remain there until you delete the image.

However, if you are trying to add an image to the body of your email, please follow the steps below!

To embed an image in your Email Signature, we will need a publicly hosted link to your image.


1. Upload your image

  • Make sure your image is saved on your computer and is easily accessible
  • Upload your image to an image hosting site to generate a publicly hosted link for your image.
  • For example, we often use a site called Imgur! But there are many other public hosting sites you can use :) 


2. Obtain your publicly hosted URL

  • Right-click on the image and select Copy Image Address
  • This is the publicly hosted URL you will need to use for your email in Zendesk Sell 


3. Zendesk Sell Steps

  • Log into your Zendesk Sell account and begin drafting your email
  • When you are ready to insert your image, click on the image icon in the toolbar
  • Paste your image URL here


4. And that's all!

  • You should see the image in the body of the email
  • Once you send the email you will see the image icon, and you can click to see the image