What's New in Sell: June 2019

June was a big month for the Zendesk Sell Team! All Sell users now have access to a powerful new dashboard and we launched Zendesk Duet to give businesses the option to purchase a shared license for Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support. Check out these updates and let us know what you think in the comments below!


#1 Performance Dashboard

A brand new customizable dashboard is here to help salespeople effectively prioritize their work, display the most relevant info, and ultimately focus on what's important to hitting your sales targets. Available on all plans!

  • Customize it: Choose from a variety of dashboard widgets to filter and personalize so you can make it your own. Drag and drop widgets that you really care about near the top and remove any that create distraction.
  • Prioritize better: Display your favorite smart lists, urgent tasks, and upcoming appointments directly on your dashboard so you can act fast with items that deserve your attention.
  • Spot trends: These powerful new widgets make it easier to track goals, identify and resolve risks, and effectively measure success. Visually capture new trends you haven't seen before with new ways to slice and segment your sales data.
  • Get started by checking out the Dashboard Help Guide or learn more about this product update in our Blog Announcement.



#2 Zendesk Duet

Zendesk now offers a new license at an unbeatable price for users seeking access to both Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support.

  • A shared license for Zendesk Sell + Support helps businesses unify their sales and support teams. This discount is one package with one price that allows access to both systems, starting at $59 per seat.
  • Break silos between your sales and support teams so sales reps and support agents can operate more freely to create a better overall customer experience.
  • Learn more about Zendesk's Duet offer here!


Let us know what you'd like the next product announcement to be! Share feedback and feature requests on our uservoice portal here.