The Active Deals Widget on the Performance Dashboard

Active Deals Widget Overview

We’re glad you decided to try out the Performance Dashboard!  Please check out our Performance Dashboard Overview Article to answer your general questions about this feature.


Let’s explore the reporting capabilities of the Active Deals Widget.  We suggest adding this widget if you are interested in how many Active Deals are currently in your Pipeline.  Let’s get started!

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Helpful Dashboard Insights

Add the Active Deals Widget:

Click on ‘+ Widget’ to add the Active Deals Widget.  You will see the total number of Active Deals based off of their current stage in your Deal Pipeline. Your Active Deals are considered any Deals that are not in the "Won," "Lost," or "Unqualified" stages.  This report will update in near real-time as your team continues to add Deals!


Customize Your Report:

Click into the Active Deals Widget to further filter and customize this report.  You’ll need to determine how you’d like to view your Deals. 

  1. Timeframe: No need to tell us your timeframe! We will automatically populate this report based on all Deals currently in an active Pipeline Stage.
  2. Group By (required to get a full visual report): Select how to further slice your data.  For example, view monthly new Deals by ‘Day’ or by ‘Deal Source.’
  3. Filter (optional): Click the Filters button to further narrow the data included in your report.  For example, add Tags or Custom Fields to view revenue from a different angle
  4. Display By (required): Select to view the 'Deal Value' or 'Deal Volume' in your report. 
  5. Save (required): Click ‘Save’ to update the widget on your Dashboard. Now you can go back to your Dashboard. Read more on managing your Dashboard in the Performance Dashboard Overview Article.



Active Deals Report Examples

Let’s say you’re a Manager on the account and you need to know how many Active Deals each of your Reps are working on at this time. This report helps answer the question, "Does each team member have enough active deals in the pipeline?"  You can choose from the dropdown menu to group by ‘Owner.’  A report will be generated for you to help visualize who has Active Deals in the Pipeline.


Users on the account should add this widget to answer the question, "How many deals are active in my pipelines?"  Add the filter "Source" using the group by dropdown menu and we will generate a visual report of your currently Active Deals by Source.  Gain insight into whether you have enough Active Deals to reach your Goal and better understand what sources generate the most Active Deals.



  1. How is the Active Deals Report calculated?

    This report is based on all Deals that are in an active stage of your Deal Pipeline at this exact moment in time.  In other words, these Deals are not in the "Won," "Lost," or "Unqualified" stages.

If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976-9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!