What's New with Sell: May 2019

May brings a powerful enhancement to the Sell mobile app! If you're not already using Sell on your mobile device, head over to the App Store (iOS) or PlayStore (Android) to install the Sell mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Check out this mobile app update and let us know what you think in the comments below!


#1 Smart Links for Mobile

Smart Links are now supported on the Sell mobile app for both iOS and Android! For anyone new to using Smart Links, these allow you to link your Sell records (Leads, Contacts, and Deals) to other applications or 3rd party internal systems.

  • Expanding the power of smart links to the mobile app means you can quickly access other apps or webpages with a simple tap on your device. And you can bring Sell data with you when jumping to another application on your phone or tablet!
  • A recent version of the Sell mobile app is required to access Smart Links on your mobile device: iOS 4.6.0 (or later), Android 5.6.1 (or later). 
  • Get started by checking out the Smart Links Help GuideIf you’re not already using the Sell mobile app, we strongly recommend trying it out - learn more about the Sell Mobile App here.




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