What's New in Sell: March 2019

March brings good news to your data and anyone managing data entry, imports, or operations for your sales team. This month we launched several updates to improve the overall importing experience within Sell. On the surface, this announcement may not have too much flash but behind the hood it's pretty powerful in terms of preventing duplicates and keeping teams focused on the leads and deals actually worth your time. 


#1  Batch Data Management

This robust improvement gives users a lot more control when importing data and mass updating existing leads, contacts, and deals in Sell. Head over to your import settings to get started and check out these changes:

    • Batch update current deals in Sell: Previously, only Leads and Contacts could be updated in bulk using the importer but now Deals can be too!
    • Record ID should help prevent duplicates: Every lead, contact, and deal has it's own unique ID that can now be used to make powerful updates to your sales data through the importer.
    • A better import experience: Import Settings have been refurbished to make the look, feel, and flow more intuitive. With your next import you'll notice a revamped settings menu with more choices to control how Sell handles your data.
    • Get started by checking out this Help Guide or learn more about this product update in our Blog Announcement.




Let us know what you'd like the next product announcement to be! Share feedback and feature requests on our uservoice portal here.