Creating a Sell Voice call list for automatic dialing

all Sell plans

The automated power dialer feature is available on Enterprise and Elite Plans. This feature allows you to create an automatically dialed call list in your Sell account so that you can dial the numbers of selected leads and contacts.

Important: You are solely responsible for using the voice and text features in Zendesk Sell in compliance with all applicable laws. Zendesk does not control the content of your telephonic communications, when they are made, or the recipients of the communications. Certain jurisdictions may require end-user consent prior to initiating telephonic outreach.  By enabling and using these   features, you agree that you have received the required consent.

Set up your call list

1. Navigate to your leads, contacts, or deals page of your account.  Select the records you would like to call by checking the boxes in the first column.

2. Click the phone icon at the top of the page to generate your list.


3. Click Start at the bottom of the page to start dialing.


You'll see a countdown before the first call is placed.  You can review your call scripts before the call begins or pause the dialer if you want come back to this list later. 


Calls dial out one after the other, with a pause in between each call to allow you to log any relevant information about the call and prepare for the next one. 


After each call, you'll see a call summary page where you can record the call outcome and call summary. Click Save when you've finished adding your information.