What's New in Sell: July 2019

Sweet summer selling! This month's product updates are focused on enhancing the Smart List feature on our mobile app. Android and iOS devices now have the 2 new filters for “Next Task” and “Days Since Last Communication”. Check out these updates and let us know what you think in the comments below!


#1 Next Task on Mobile

Tasks tend to be pretty critical in the world of sales, allowing reps to set action items or reminders on Leads, Contacts, and Deals so that personal follow ups and opportunities don't slip through the cracks. The ability to use the “Next Task” filter with Smart Lists on the mobile app makes it easy to take care of action items wherever you go.

Available on all plans and the desktop version of Sell! 

add-Next-Task-field.PNG     NEXT-TASK-lead-list.PNG

Filter your list to show those records with an upcoming or overdue Task, or perhaps it is more insightful to see who does not have a Next Task so you can ensure the next item or milestone to progress a lead or deal forward is on your radar. 

  • Act quickly: Know exactly where you're at with every lead, contact, or deal with a clear way to spot and manage open action items on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Resolve risks: easily identify groups of leads, contacts, or deals that don't have any task associated, so no opportunities go cold on you or slip through the cracks 
  • Learn More: check out this support article to learn more about using "Next Task" with Smart Lists


#2 Days Since Last Communication on Mobile 

We're also excited to announce another Smart List enhancement on our mobile app, specifically the “Days Since Last Communication" filter. This update enables users to track how long it has been since you, or anyone on your team, last communicated with your leads and contacts.

Note: We strongly recommend sending emails, making calls, and sending text messages through Sell so you can take advantage of this mobile feature on the go.  
  • Act quickly: Know exactly who you need to follow up with or respond to, whether you're at your desk or on the go
  • Spot opportunities: for any sales reps who are out in the field or selling door to door, quickly spot nearby leads and contacts alongside what your last form of communication was and when; easily know who you spoke to recently and who could use a check in
  • Learn More: check out this support article to learn more about using "Days Since Last Communication" with Smart Lists

DSLC-smart-list-field.PNG   DSLC-mobile001.PNG  DSLC-filter-mobile.PNG

Let us know what you'd like the next product announcement to be! Share feedback and feature requests on our uservoice portal here.