What's New in Sell: August 2019

August included a big update to our recently released feature, the Performance Dashboard! Introducing the Active Deals Widget. Every account now has 10 available widgets to add and customize on their Sell Dashboard. Check out these updates and let us know what you think in the comments below!


#1 The Active Deals Widget

Hopefully you're enjoying the brand new, customizable dashboard we released back in June to help salespeople effectively prioritize their workday, display the most relevant action items, and ultimately focus on what's important to hitting your sales targets. This widget further enhances a Sales Reps visibility into their Deals in an Active Stage.  


Available on all plans!
  • Prioritize better: Sales Reps can filter by owner to see their own Active Deals to identify which deals really need their attention
  • Always hit targets: Managers can capture the quantity of Active Deals across their team's pipeline to make sure reps have enough opportunity to stay on track to hit their goals  
  • Get started by checking out the Active Deals Support Article here


Let us know what you'd like the next product announcement to be! Share feedback and feature requests on our uservoice portal here.