Customizing Widget Panel for Leads, Contacts and Deals

Leverage the Layouts Setting in your Zendesk Sell account to control how key information is displayed on Leads, Contacts, and Deals.

Note: Layout Settings can be customized by account Admins only

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Introducing widgets & widgets panel
Layout Settings
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Introducing Widgets & Widget Panel

Across Leads, Contacts, and Deals in Sell you'll find that the information displayed on these individual records follow the same general layout. The right side of every Lead, Contact, and Deal card is where you'll find the widget panel showing different elements of sales activity and information.

Admins can set a default view with this widget panel to control what their users should be focused on. Choose to rearrange widgets to show critical information or action items in your preferred order. Also choose to hide any widgets that aren't relevant to your sales team. 

What are widgets? The boxes you see located along the right side of every Lead, Contact, and Deal card. Click here to view a list of available widgets for Leads, Contacts, and Deals.



Layout Settings

If you are an Admin on the account, you have the ability to customize this view by following these steps: 

  1. Head over to 'Settings'.
  2. Select ‘Layouts’.
  3. Choose either Leads, People (Contacts), Companies (Contacts), or Deals (this lets you customize the layout for each record type)
  4. Now, choose to rearrange or hide widgets by hovering your cursor over a widget's icon, click and drag it to where you want
    • To hide widgets: for any widgets you wish to hide from all users view, drag these under "Hidden Widgets"
    • To rearrange widgets: drag and sort widgets under the "widget panel" to customize the order in which they appear to other users
  5. Lastly, click 'Save'


Example: in this visual, we reorder the "Open Tickets" widget moving it to the top of the widget panel. We've also chosen to hide the "Collaborators" and "Documents" widgets. By clicking "save", this sets a default view that applies to other users on the account.

Tip: quickly make a widget you've hidden visible in the widget panel by clicking on the arrow to the right of the widget name. See the visual below


Set a Default View

Once you've customized the Layouts Setting to meet your needs, be sure to click ‘Save’. This will serve as the default view that applies to the other users on the account.


Again, this setting will then reflect on the Leads/Contacts/Deals view for all users on the account.


As a quick reminder, on the actual widget panel, users can click ‘+’ on a widget to quickly take action. For example, clicking ‘+’ on the ‘Upcoming Appointments’ widget will prompt you to schedule a meeting.

The other icon (^) you'll find on each widget gives you the flexibility to expand or collapse the details that show under each. Or simply clicking anywhere on the widget will also collapse/expand these details.


Widgets available for Leads, Contacts, and Deals

Leads - Collaborators, Upcoming Appointments, Active Tasks, Documents

People Contacts - Deals Revenue, Current Deals, Collaborators, Upcoming Appointments, Tasks, Colleagues, Tickets, Xero Invoices, Documents

Company Contacts - Deals Revenue, Current Deals, Company Hierarchy, Collaborators, Upcoming Appointments, Tasks, Employees, Tickets, Xero Invoices, Documents

Deals - Associated Contacts, Products, Collaborators, Upcoming Appointments, Tasks, Tickets, Documents, Dropbox, Google Drive, Quotes



Q: Can I save my expand/collapse preference to reflect the same on all records?

A: The expand/collapse view applies to all records of the same record type. For example, if I expanded all the widgets on a given lead card, then the widgets across all the other leads in my account will remain expanded.