Early Access: Apps for Zendesk Sell

This article introduces you to Apps for Zendesk Sell, also known as Sell Apps, which are currently available (in beta) to eligible customers through our early access program (EAP). Keep scrolling to learn about our new (beta) Apps, how they work, and how they’ll make your team more productive.


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Introduction to Apps

What are Sell Apps? In short, Apps connect your other tools directly to Sell to help you get all prospect and customer information in one central place. Apps that you install on your Sell account will show up along the right side when viewing individual leads, contacts, or deals.

How are they used? Businesses need their sales teams focused on converting new customers without the distraction of jumping from tool to tool to manage conversations, quota attainment, and the many sales activities in between. With the launch of our new Sell Apps, you’ll be able to add further functionality to your Zendesk Sell account so your team can view more activity and key information from other tools or internal systems in one central place.

Note: Sell Apps (beta) are available to eligible customers through our early access program, which we cover later in the article


When viewing lead, contact, and deal cards, Sell Apps display along the right side of a record to share context from your other tools or applications directly from the Sell interface. Depending on which App you install, the level of functionality may vary:

  • Contextual Apps: some apps simply pull information from other tools into the Sell interface; these don’t let you take action within the Sell app. 
    • Example: view Hubspot campaign activity on leads in Sell
  • Action-based Apps: other apps may pull information from other tools and take action directly from the Sell interface. 
    • Example: view and create PandaDoc quotes from deals in Sell

For example, if you use Mailchimp you could use the new (beta) Mailchimp App for Sell to show marketing campaign activity directly from a lead card to know what content your prospects are engaging with and what mailing lists they’ve subscribed to.


Which Sell Apps are currently available?

Marketing Apps

Document Storage Apps

Accounting/Invoicing Apps



What is the Early Access Program (EAP)?

Our 9 beta apps for Sell are available to eligible customers through the Early Access Program (EAP). 

To sign up:

  1. Login to Sell
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Then “Apps”
  4. Click “Request beta access”
  5. This will direct you to the EAP request form. Fill out the form and click “submit” to get your account on the “waiting list”


Once you submit your form, we’ll be in touch with next steps over the next few weeks or so.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding your submission or beta apps for Sell


How do I access these Apps? 

Fill out the Early Access Program (EAP) request form, which you can access from your Sell account under Apps Settings.



When does the EAP kickoff? 
The EAP sign-up form will open on October 3rd, 2019 

How do apps differ from existing Sell integrations?
Apps should make integrating your other tools with Sell easier with “click to install” app setup. Note that while in early access, beta apps may require a few additional steps to setup due to the nature of beta testing

Additionally, Apps create a more consistent and intuitive way to sync information from other tools into Sell-- this external data will appear in the form of Apps along the right hand side of your leads, contacts, and deals

When do Sell Apps become publicly available (not Early Access Program)?
To be announced! Keep your eye out for updates on public availability and additional Apps coming to Sell in 2020. We’ll share these announcements on our blog as well as the Announcements section on our help center. 

Will my existing integrations be discontinued? 
Nope! You will still be able to use existing integrations enabled on your account alongside beta apps. For example, if you’re using our native MailChimp Integration then you’ll be able to use the MailChimp (beta) app for Sell simultaneously

I filled out the early access program form to sign up. When will I get access?
You’re in line! Thanks for signing up. We’ll try to get you up and running on the (beta) app you’re interested in as soon as we can. We’re unable to provide an exact ETA but a member of our team will reach out 

What if I'm not a Zendesk Sell customer? 
Learn more and contact us at