What's New in Sell: October 2019

We are kicking off Q4 with an exciting new Early Access Program and the launch of our community forum to bring salespeople together. Introducing Apps for Zendesk Sell and the Sell Community Forum!


#1 Apps for Zendesk Sell (Early Access Program)

Sell Apps will allow you to visualize important customer information from external systems right from within Zendesk Sell’s interface. By keeping your reps in one tool, you unlock seamless workflows and increase productivity.


Sign up for the Early Access Program (EAP) and be among the first to access the first set of (beta) Apps available for Sell.

Note: Only Admins can sign the account up for the EAP in the "Apps" section of their Settings.
  • Improve Context: Pull prospect information directly into the Sell interface so your sales team better understands who they’re selling to. Gain better context around existing customers to proactively resolve risks and prevent churn
  • Improve Workflows: Trigger actions in your other tools or applications directly from a lead, contact, or deal card in Sell. New Sell Apps are built natively into the Sell interface, always with the option to view external activity and often the option to take action too
  • Improve Customer Experiences: Better align your sales and success teams to improve the overall buyer & customer experience. By connecting other tools used across the business to Sell, sales reps can better collaborate with other teams to put prospects and customers first
  • Get started: Check out our help guide here or read more about the blog announcement here


#2 Community Forum

We're excited to announce Zendesk Gather, which provides a community forum for customers to connect and collaborate! In this new community forum, you can ask and answer questions related to Sell and other Zendesk Products.  Experts will address your product and sales process questions here!

  • Expertise at your fingertips: Choose to share and read tips from others, discover best practices, and discuss how to leverage Sell for a variety of industries.
  • Come together: Connect and collaborate with other Sell users to ask and answer process or product questions related to sales. Even branch out and learn more about other Zendesk products too
  • Get started: Access our new Sell Community here!
Note: In order to get started in the Sell community, you will need to set up a Zendesk Help Center account. You can follow the instructions here. Once your account is created, jump over to the Sell community to ask a question, introduce yourself, or share a pro tip.


Let us know what you'd like the next product announcement to be! Share feedback and feature requests on our Sell Community Page or at