Sell Apps EAP: Disclaimers & Technical Constraints

Please be aware that there are areas where the product features will perform imperfectly. Make sure you fully understand how this will impact your Zendesk Sell account before agreeing to move forward with participating in the Early Access Program. Limitations may include:

Permission Settings.You will lose the ability to ‘manage subordinates’ for non-admins. For more information about what this feature is, please see our support article related to permissions.


Google Gadget. You will lose the ability to connect Google Gadget with your Zendesk Sell account. Please note, if you have Google Gadget currently installed on your Sell account, you will maintain access. However, if the Google Gadget gets disconnected at any point in the future, you will be unable to reinstall.

Support (help center) Portal. The ability to sign-in to Zendesk Sell's Support Portal (help center) to view a summary of submitted tickets will have a limitation-- you will no longer be able to sign into the Support Portal using the "sign in" button (shown in the image below). Instead, you will only be able to access our Support Portal (help center) by clicking "Support" from within your Sell account.



Internet Explorer 11. The ability to access Zendesk Sell from the Internet Explorer 11 internet browser. This is due to poor user experience with the Sell Apps.

IP Restrictions. If you are a joint Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell employee, the IP restrictions set in Support will not apply to Zendesk Sell.

Reset Password from Mobile Device.The ability to reset your Zendesk Sell password via your mobile phone and the Zendesk Sell app. You will be required to sign in using the web link.

Custom-built Integration. If your company has built a custom integration with Sell, be sure that you are not using the 2-legged oauth2.0 resource owner password flow for authenticating.

Sell Mobile App. If we enable the Early Access Program on your accountd, users who are also using the Zendesk Sell mobile app (both iOS and Android)should note that:

  • If you get signed out of your Sell mobile app, you’ll see a new additional option from the login screen-- you’ll now find login two buttons to either “Login” or “Login with Zendesk” 
  • For these users who get signed out of the Sell mobile app, you must select the new option, “Login with Zendesk” to regain access to your Sell account via mobile app. To clarify,please select “Login with Zendesk” from the mobile app login screen.

Additionally, in order to continue using the Zendesk Sell mobile app following this migration, users will also need a recent version of the app installed on their mobile device. The app is supported on iOS 4.16.0 (or later) and Android 5.11.0 (or later).


If none of these items impact your organization or how your team interacts with Sell, you’re in the clear and one (big) step closer to accessing the new Sell Apps beta experience. Let's get started with unlocking Sell Apps on your account!