Getting Started Video Series

Are you new to Zendesk Sell and need a place to start? Have you been using Sell for a while and want to make sure your team is getting the most value out of Sell? 

Below you’ll find a video series to get you onboarded and seeing value from Sell quickly, whether you’re trialing Sell or have already purchased. Below each video, you'll find a relevant article.  As you’ll see noted by the time guidelines, some activities take longer than others, but if you carve out a morning or afternoon, you should be good to go.  

mceclip0.pngPart 1: Learn (10 minutes) 

mceclip1.pngPart 2: Setup (90 minutes)

mceclip2.pngPart 3: Add Your Data (90 minutes) 

mceclip3.pngPart 4: Get Selling (20 minutes) 

So let's get started! 


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Part 1: Learn 

The Very Basics - 5 mins

Make sure you understand the difference between Leads, Contacts, and Deals

The Very Basics Support Article - read more here


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Part 2: Setup

Add Your Team - 15 mins

Add in your Team or your colleagues so you can start collaborating

Adding Users Support Article - read more here 


Build Out Your Sales Pipeline - 30 mins

Customize the stages in your Pipeline to reflect your organization’s sales process

Sales Pipeline Support Article - read more here


Add Your Custom Fields - 30 mins

You can bring these in during import as well but build out fields or data points that are important to your organization—you can make them mandatory too

Custom Fields Support Article - read more here


Integrate Your Email - 2 mins

Connect your Gmail or Office 365 (Outlook) account and watch your correspondence with prospects and customers magically appear

Email Integration Support Article - read more here


Integrate your Calendar - 2 mins

Connect your Google or Office 365 (Outlook) calendar to see all your appointments in Sell and against your prospects or customer records

Calendar integration Support Article - Google or Exchange


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Part 3: Add Your Data

Prep your CSV file and Import Your Leads, Contacts, and Deals - 1 hr

Whether it’s your data in an Excel file or an export from a previous system, make sure your file is clean and organized for an easy import. Ensure all your data is in Sell so you can start selling as soon as you’re setup. 


Importing Data Support Article - read more here



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Part 4: Get Selling

Build a Smartlist - 5 mins

Get the view of your Leads, Contacts, and Deals you want by sorting, filtering, and saving your data points so you can easily access them each time you login. You can also take actions right from your Smartlist like bulk emailing or build templates for your team

Smart List Support Article - read more here


Start Dialing Using Sell Voice - 5 mins

Dial right from Sell and you’ll automatically record your call. Choose a phone number that’s unique to your area

Voice Support Article - read more here


Download the Sell Mobile App - 5 mins

Take Sell on the go and in the field—you can work offline too Check out our Knowledge Center

Mobile App Support Article - read more here


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If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Team at +1 (855) 976-9550 or email us at and we will be happy to help!