Sell Apps EAP: What to Expect After You Sign Up

In order to enable the beta version of Sell Apps on your Zendesk Sell account, we'll be transitioning your Sell account to a Zendesk account. This essentially brings your Sell account over to the same platform as the rest of Zendesk Product Suite. This article is intended to educate eligible Early Access Program participants on what to expect throughout this transition.



Sell Only Customers: 

The following information pertains to Zendesk Sell customers who DO NOT use Zendesk Support. If your organization uses both Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support, please scroll to the next section or click here.

1. You will need to choose a Zendesk subdomain (i.e.

  • You may use your Sell account name (Settings > Manage Account > Account Name) or choose a different account name that is not already taken.

2. Next, you will need to specify which user will be the Zendesk Support Account Owner. This individual must be a Sell admin.

3. The person selected as the Account Owner will receive a password reset email. All other users on your Sell account will receive a welcome to Zendesk email (pictured below).

  • Every user will need to open this email and accept the invitation by clicking the link to create their accountScreen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_3.32.23_PM.png
  • Clicking on the activation link will prompt each user to create a new password. Please note that the activation link is only valid for 24 hours. If you do not activate your account within 24 hours below click to resend the activation link.

4. Once you have created your password, then login to your Sell account from this login page:

Note: Just as a reminder, this migration will require all users to set up a new password to access Zendesk Sell. 


Zendesk Sell & Support Customers (using both Zendesk products):

The following information pertains to Zendesk Sell customers who also have an active Zendesk Support account. If your organization uses only Zendesk Sell, please jump back to the previous section or click here.

1. In order to successfully align your Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support accounts, we'll need to map your users between both systems.

    • Note: You will need to map Sell users to Support users ONLY IF they exist as users in both systems AND their emails DO NOT match. If we can identify a login email that exists in both Sell and Support, these users will be mapped automatically. 

2. Every user will receive an email, but please note the email may vary slightly:

  • A. For Sell users who do not have a Support license (most common): you will receive a welcome email from Zendesk. As a Sell-only user, you will need to open this email and accept the invitation by clicking the link to create a Support account
  • B. For Sell users who already have a Support license: you will receive a different email (‘New way to login’ email). This email explains the new way to login to your Sell account

3. Once we have confirmed that user mapping aligns between both systems (Sell and Support), each user will need to login to their Sell account in a specific way:

    • Login to your Zendesk Support account as you typically would
    • Then, from within your Support account click on the Product Tray icon and select the Sell icon
    • This will take you to your Sell account and finalize the migration process for each user