Early Access: Browser Troubleshooting


Thank you for taking the time to configure your web browser in order to access your Sell account! 


  • Overview
  • Why was I signed out?
  • How do I sign in? 


If you were signed out of your account with the following error message: "You have signed out of Sell in a different tab or your session was terminated. If you are having trouble staying signed in, read this troubleshooting article", then you are in the right place!  This article will cover how to configure your browser so that you can access your Sell account without any issues. 



Why was I signed out? 

Our Early Access Program for Zendesk Sell Apps requires that you disable tracking blockers in your web browser to avoid being signed out of your account.  We are actively working to change this requirement, but for this Early Access Program this step is required in order to securely authenticate your Zendesk Sell account.  

This signout issue is caused by new privacy features in browsers and browser plugins.  We have identified that this issue could arise in the latest versions of Safari as well as browser plugins such as Privacy Badger. We would be happy to show you how to correctly fix your browser! 

How do I sign in? 

Depending on your web browser and plugin configuration, you will need to complete the following steps to stay signed in to your account. 


If you are on the latest versions of Safari (12.1+) you will need to disable the "Prevent cross-site tracking" in your browser.

1. Navigate to your Safari "Preferences" 

2. Click on the "Privacy" icon

3. Disable the "Prevent cross-site tracking" option by unchecking the box

4. Fully restart the browser (quit by using Cmd-Q) and navigate back to the login page



Browser Plugins: 

If you have installed tracking blocking browser plugins, it is necessary to "disable tracking for this site" after signing into your Sell account.  

1. Click on your browser plugin

2. You should be presented with a dropdown menu of options, or click on the gear icon to navigate to the "Settings" 

3. Select the "Disable for this site" option



If you are still running into issues staying signed into your Zendesk Sell account, please contact our Support Team at 855-976-9550 or