Sell Apps EAP: How to Install apps on your account

This article is for customers participating in the Sell Apps Early Access Program.

After you've enrolled in the EAP and we've been in contact with you, follow these instructions to get your app(s) of choice installed on your Sell account.

Note: As a reminder, you must be an Admin in both Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support accounts.

1. When your account is migrated, you'll receive an email that includes a link. This link initiates the app installation on your Sell account. 

2. Click on the link to take you to App Settings.
From here, connect Sell with your account in the external application (e.g. Mailchimp). To do so
, you'll need to authenticate this external account with Sell by clicking "Sign in with {application} for Sell"


3. You'll be guided to the external service/application (e.g. Mailchimp) to sign in with your credentials. This grants Zendesk Sell permission to access your data:

4. You'll be taken back to App Settings and should see a green checkmark next to OAuth Authentication if authentication is successful. Next click Install:


5. The app appears under the Currently Installed tab.
You can optionally change how you would like the app to appear in the Sell interface by navigating to Settings > Layouts and dragging and dropping the app.  

There are 4 tabs under Layouts for each record type: Leads, People, Companies, Deals. 
You'll see your newly installed app at the bottom of the widget panel for each applicable tab (for example, PandaDoc is only applicable to deals, but Mailchimp is available for leads, people, and companies).
You can disable apps on specific tabs (for example, so that the app doesn't appear on the Leads tab) or to change the app widget position.   See Customizing Widget Panel for Leads, Contacts and Deals for more information.


6. When you open a record, the new app appears along the right side of the record in Sell.