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  • Importing a CSV file

    Learn how to import a CSV file to Sell

  • Sell 101 - Getting Started

    Learn how to get started with Sell

  • Sell 102 - Deeper Dive into Sell

    Join Josh, the Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk Sell as he takes you through advanced skills of using Sell.

  • Email Dropbox for Deals

    Learn how to use the email dropbox feature for deals.

  • Whats new in Base - January 2015

    See the latest features added to Base including enhancements to Email and the Sales Pipeline

  • Whats new in Base - Sales Pipeline

    How to use Smart Lists, the Pipeline Developement Report and the Product Catalog

  • Admin Pro Tips

    View 5 key steps to getting your account setup.

  • Email overview

    Learn all about using Email in Base

  • Email visibility overview

    See how you can grant access to Emails to your team

  • Blacklisting Emails in Base

    See how to Blacklist emails from coming into Base

  • Using Email sentiment

    How to use the email sentiment in Base

  • Setting up email with Base

    Learn how to sync your email with Base

  • Overview of Email in the communication center

    Learn how view and manage your Emails in the communication center in Base

  • Whats new in Base - Email visibility

    See how you can control Email visibility within your Base account and also see how many people have viewed your emails.

  • Base - Mailchimp Integration

    Subscribe contacts from your Base contact list to one of your MailChimp mailing lists.

  • Connecting Google Apps Email

    Learn how to connect your Google apps email to Base.

  • Using Smart Lists in Base

    Learn how to use Smart Lists for your deals in Base to create a custom view

  • Creating custom fields

    Learn how to create custom fields in Base.

  • Appointments overview

    How to use Appointements in Base.

  • User permission overview

    Learn about user permissions in Base.

  • Teams and Permissions

    Learn how to manage your team with user permissions in Base.

  • Notifications in Base

    Make sure you don't miss important events in Base by setting up notifications

  • Base Voice

    Use Base Voice to make calls from Base CRM. Calling from Base allows you to record conversations, track outcomes and log notes.

  • How to use Leads in Base

    Learn how to leads work in Base

  • Converting a Lead to a Contact

    View how to convert a Lead to a Contact.

  • How to create Deals

    Learn how to create Deals and manage your sales Pipeline